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Garden Tools

RHS Endorsement

Many of our cutting tools are RHS endorsed as well, offering little snippers, through to secateurs and loppers, shears and pruning saws. Alongside these products we also carry the Felco range of secateurs. These are considered the Rolls Royce of the pruning world, the majority of commercial gardeners use them. Look for the red-handled secateurs next time you watch Gardener's World. Although they are a premium product and priced as such, they will last you forever.

Quality garden tools are invaluable. We carry a range from the fabulous Sheffield company, Burgon & Ball, which are endorsed by the RHS and carry a lifetime guarantee. The range is extensive, covering most products a gardener would need, including those smaller spades and forks. The hand tool range contains the customary trowels and hand forks, but also other more unusual tools such as widgers, claw cultivators and weeding fingers and if you can't find what you are looking for there, then try the new range from Darlac.

Shears and pruning saws
Extensive Range of secateurs