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Stunning Foliage

We are tree fern stockists and suppliers in Cornwall. Our collection of ferns is growing as we accumulate new varieties. The beautiful colours in their foliage are stunning and can add texture and interest to a drab corner.

Awe-inspiring tree ferns

Our range of tree ferns is always popular, and you can buy a tiny one at a few inches tall, or a 6 foot giant, if you want that instant effect. In all cases, massive fronds appear from what seem to be just hairy logs, just a few weeks after they arrive from half way around the world. Ideally, we would source them more locally if available, but at present, they come from well-certificated, dedicated nurseries in Australia.
Garden Centre with Tree Ferns
Cornish garden fern stockists

harvested correctly

They all come with the necessary certification so that you can be certain they have been harvested correctly and sustainably. They are a spectacular sight both in our plant area and in your garden.