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Chemicals and Fertilisers

Drastic Action

We are keen to promote practices to prevent the need for chemicals. For example, if you cover your cabbages and sprouts with insect mesh, you won't need any chemical controls for caterpillars. However, there are occasions that call for more drastic action. We stock a good range of products that can deal with these problems. For example, if you really can't handle your roses being covered in black spot, Rose Clear will give you a helping hand.

Feeding your garden, pots and baskets is important. We stock a range of organic products, the whole Miracle-gro range including specific feeds for your acid-loving Camellias and Azaleas, plus tomato feed and the slow release feeds to make your life easier and complement our range of composts.

We always advocate the safe use of any chemicals and sprays within the garden and are delighted to stock the range from Neudorff. Their products are mostly plant-derived and organic but more importantly, are safe for us and our pets. They have a very effective bug killer, a weedkiller, fabulous fertilisers and a completely safe and organic slug pellet that really works and doesn't harm the birds.

Garden Lawns
Your lawn may benefit from feeding and weeding. We stock several options, including different feeds for spring and autumn.