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Cornwall Supplier Of Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Seeds and Bulbs

Cornwall seed potatoes

Bulbs, Onion Sets & Seed Potatoes

In season, we have onion sets and garlic, rhubarb crowns and asparagus. We mustn't forget seed potatoes: we are one of the few outlets which still offer them for sale loose, so you can have just 2 potatoes to grow in a pot, or a whole sack to plant up an allotment. We usually have in excess of 30 varieties.

We also stock a large range of spring and early summer flowering bulbs for sale in autumn.: daffodils, narcissus, snowdrops, crocus, iris, tulips, alliums to name just a few.  You can choose what you want and have as many as you actually need. We have large sacks of mixed daffodils to naturalise, plus the smaller narcissus; all top size bulbs to give you the best flowering display possible. There are also tulips in every colour and size. We also stock a quality range of more unusual bulbs, such as fritillaria, trilliums and erythronium. Come and browse.

We stock the full range from Kings Seeds, so should you need vegetable, herb or flower seeds, there will be something to choose from. We love their range as some are unusual plants, from Crystal Lemon Cucumbers to double flowered Cosmos and Salad Burnet in the Suffolk Herb collection.

In spring, we have summer flowering bulbs, such as begonia, dahlia, lilies and gladioli, all excellent for adding that extra zing of colour in the summer.

Great Variety Of Seeds

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