Pengelly Pooches

The two residents are Rhubarb, the fun loving, apple-stealing collie and Tori, mainly known as Poocher, the shiny black labrador who will be found in the sunniest spot at the nursery, fast asleep. Both are full of fun and Rhubarb especially will bring you a bedraggled toy to throw for her. They have a fantastic life at the garden centre, being free to wander, play or sleep as the fancy takes them.

Because we have our own dogs on site, we regret that customers' dogs are not permitted. We will be happy to keep an eye on yours out front and provide water and shade while you browse.


Fun Loving

The apple-stealing collie, usually seen wanting to play ball.


aka... Poocher
To be found in the sunniest spot at the nursery fast asleep.