Pengelly Garden Centre

Our Cornwall Garden Centre Has An Extensive Range of Alpine Plants

First To Show in Spring

These little gems are often the first to show colour in the spring. Who can resist a cascade of Aubrietia or the amazing colour of Lithodora Heavenly Blue? These plants sit low and can take poor soil, so are ideal for those difficult (but sunny) spots

Super succulents

Later in the season we hold a fantastic range of succulents, whose textures and colours never cease to fascinate us. Alpines and succulents are great for walls, rockeries or the front of borders and just delightful in shallow pots and troughs. Just don't get them too wet, or they'll sulk and rot.

Errington Reay alpine planters

Available in a choice of sizes to suit your budget, along with all the compost and grit you may need. We love alpines and succulents in the shallow Errington Reay planters: the colours work beautifully.